PFSHOPS officially launched, as the first shop owners, the company will actively promote e-commerce development

2021-08-14 10:34:04 paifenadmin 63

On May 27,2021, an industrial e commerce platform that the company has been researching and developing for nearly a year, was approved and officially launched. With the development of the Internet and the maturity of encryption technologies such as digital signatures, e-commerce is thriving all over the world, amazon, Taobao, tmall,, and PDD are among a number of successful examples of mature e commerce based operations. This way greatly shortens the distance of information interaction between consumers and merchants, improves the user's experience, promotes the development of commerce, and promotes the progress of society. In this way, consumers can fully browse the products on the shelves of the merchants, and they can communicate with the merchants before the sale and solve the problems after the sale. The merchants pay commission to the platform when the sale is successful, the platform then iterates to improve the user experience, creating a benign operating system. However, for businesses in the field of industrial commodities, the release of commodity information on these e-commerce platforms does not bring about an increase in the number of customers that can be traded and a reduction in transaction costs, and the prices of the products on the shelves will constitute a conflict of interest for its traditional sales channels. For customers in the field of industrial goods, the buying behavior is often repeated purchase rather than one-time purchase like individual consumption, online browsing to the commodity information, will directly contact the merchants for offline communication and trading, resulting in e-commerce platform reduced to an advertising platform. It was in this context that PFSHOPS was born.